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what is goal getter elite?


what will I learn?


who is the program for?


what are the target outcomes?


how is the program structured?

Embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your goals with Goal Getter Elite, our thoughtfully structured coaching program designed to empower you at every step. Here's what the program includes:

  • Flexible 8-Week Format: Participants have the option to complete the program within 8 weeks or extend it up to 12 weeks (at no additional charge) to accommodate individual schedules and learning preferences.

  • Comprehensive Learning Modules: Engage with 8 core modules, exclusively crafted by Heidi Deanne Coaching, ensuring you receive unique insights and strategies not found in other courses. Each module is supplemented with video and written materials, offering a rich learning experience accessible at your own pace.

  • Bonus Module: Dive deeper into specialized content with an exclusive bonus module, providing additional insights and strategies to enhance your journey.

  • Actionable Workbook: Utilize our 100+ page workbook, filled with practical worksheets aligned with each module, to translate insights into actionable steps and tangible progress.

  • Live Group Sessions: Participate in weekly 60-minute group sessions where expert trainers deliver unique training tailored to complement the self-study modules, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment for participants at any stage of the program.

goal getter elite
go from overwhelmed to confident in 8 weeks


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